CL0P Hackers and the Brony Community: A Disturbing Connection Unveiled


The cyber domain, a world where audacious exploits often echo louder than words, recently trembled under the onslaught of the notorious hacker collective, “CL0P.” This group, infamous for their digital marauding, pulled off a hack that left the world reeling, sowing seeds of doubt about the security of federal systems and casting a long shadow over the digital landscape.

The hackers exploited a vulnerability in MOVEit, a software widely used by businesses and agencies for data transfer. Using this chink in the armor, CL0P managed to get unauthorized access to systems, causing widespread disruption and fear. But as more information is revealed, evidence linking these cyber rogues to the colorful realm of “Bronies” has emerged from the shadows. The name of the hacker group “CL0P” is a direct reference to an activity known as “clopping.” 

“Clopping,” for the uninitiated, is a pastime embraced by a large portion of the Brony community. The term refers to the masturbatory habit of viewing explicit adult-themed animations featuring the characters from “My Little Pony.” This fascination with cartoon equines in compromising situations is, to many, a testament to the community’s alarming detachment from conventional norms.

Yet, the ties between CL0P and the Brony community extend beyond shared terminology. Numerous reports have surfaced of many self-proclaimed Bronies being apprehended for crimes against horses, casting an even darker shadow over the fandom’s perverted appreciation of their equine-themed show.

The profits from CL0P’s hacking exploits, it seems, are fuelling an industry far removed from the world of cybercrime – the high-stakes world of horse race gambling. Even more disturbing, further evidence is emerging of these ill-gotten funds flowing into the underworld of illegal horse brothels as well. These reprehensible establishments, a stark blot on our societal fabric, are allegedly being propped up by the hacking profits. This newfound evidence presents an unsettling correlation between a community captivated by animated ponies and their contribution to the exploitation of their real-life counterparts. The capriciousness of the digital realm is laid bare, and as Ted Kaczynski might have said, these are the consequences of an industrial society.

The correlation between the hacker group CL0P and the Brony community is not merely unsettling but indicative of a larger issue at play. The childlike mentality often embraced within such communities can foster a sense of entitlement that transcends the boundaries of ethical conduct. This shift in mindset, coupled with the technical prowess inherent in such circles, can lead to the exploitation of security vulnerabilities and the audacious act of holding sensitive data hostage for ransom.

There’s a hint of communist ethos apparent here, the misguided belief in entitlement to the wealth of others. This alarming blend of childlike entitlement and ideological extremism sets the stage for involvement in terrorist groups. As such, participation in these seemingly harmless communities could inadvertently serve as a stepping stone to a darker path of e-terrorism.

Picture of Gary Goader

Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist