Cyraxx: The Challenger to Ken Block’s Legacy


A new motorsports contender has emerged from the digital realm. Cyraxx, also known as Chance Wilkins, recently announced on Facebook his ambitious plan to compete full-time in formula drift, rally, and time attack runs via popular racing games like Forza Horizon 5, Dirt Rally 2.0, and the recently released FORZA MOTORSPORT. Racing enthusiasts are speculating that this sim racer could be the next Ken Block.

Investing in Virtual Mastery

Cyraxx isn’t just relying on raw talent. He’s making a strategic investment in his professional racing career by enrolling in the Speed Secrets Sim Racer Academy. This platform is renowned for equipping video game sim racers with the resources and training strategies they need to consistently outpace the competition on the digital track. And, interestingly, these skills are transferable to real-world tracks. The academy’s esteemed coach, Ross Bentley, brings credibility to the table, not just because of his expertise, but also because of his car-associated surname. While Cyraxx is investing $10 per month in this elite training, motorsport legend Ken Block never benefited from such an opportunity. Perhaps Block’s skills—and by extension, his career—might have reached greater heights had he accessed this caliber of coaching. Could this be the edge Cyraxx needs to surpass Block?

Ken Block’s Diversified Pursuits

Cyraxx’s ascent in the racing world is marked not just by his dedication to the craft but also by his strategic choices outside the track. Unlike Ken Block, who diversified his adrenaline pursuits to include snowmobiling—a decision that led to a tragic accident—Cyraxx remains singularly focused on racing. This unwavering commitment not only allows him to dedicate more time to honing his skills but also reduces the risks associated with extraneous extreme sports. By sidestepping distractions such as death by snowmobile, Cyraxx not only ensures his safety but also positions himself for a longer, uninterrupted career in racing. This focus and longevity could very well be the factors that see him surpass the achievements of legends like Ken Block.

The Sim Racing Edge

The world of sim racing offers a unique advantage. Athletes like Cyraxx can immerse themselves in endless hours of practice without the physical toll or the risk of equipment damage. This relentless practice, combined with insights from the Speed Secrets course, might just be the formula that propels Cyraxx ahead of seasoned racers. Furthermore, the virtual environment allows for rapid iteration, enabling racers like Cyraxx to encounter and adapt to a myriad of racing scenarios in a short time. This accelerated learning curve could be the catalyst that sets him apart in real-world competitions.


As the motorsports community continues to evolve, the line between virtual and real racing is blurring. Cyraxx’s unwavering dedication, combined with his strategic training approach, sets the stage for a thrilling showdown in the racing world. While it remains to be seen if his virtual skills can translate to real-world podium finishes, one thing is clear: Cyraxx is a rising star with a strategy, and the racing world should take note.

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Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist