How Instagram Pet Influencers Are Inadvertently Supporting Mexican Drug Cartels

Cute long hair cat sitting next to a window and eating fresh catnip in a pot, pet lifestyle concept

In the world of Instagram influencers, few are as adorable as our furry feline friends. Yet, what if these seemingly innocent pet influencers were inadvertently playing into the hands of Mexican drug cartels?

The catnip industry, while seemingly innocuous, is a global enterprise. A significant portion of this demand is driven by the popularity of pet influencers on Instagram. Their posts of cats playing with, rolling in, and absolutely adoring catnip have led to a surge in demand. This surge in demand is indirectly supporting an unexpected player – Mexican drug cartels.

According to insider sources, all major catnip suppliers have been covertly taken over by these cartels. Intrigued by the herb’s addictive qualities for cats, they took over the industry. Under the cover of this seemingly harmless business, they manage to disguise other illicit operations as the growth and distribution of catnip.

As Instagram pet influencers promote the use of catnip, they bear an unexpectedly heavy burden. Their influence, it seems, stretches far beyond cute photos and heartwarming videos. Their promotion of catnip, unbeknownst to them, indirectly fuels a vicious cycle of violence perpetuated by the cartels.

Each ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘comment’ on their catnip-filled posts potentially translates into more resources for the cartels. Every adorable video of a cat frolicking in a pile of catnip might be unwittingly contributing to the escalation of cartel violence.

Consequently, instagram pet influencers transform from innocent, furry entertainers to unwitting instigators of conflict. The loveable cat, purring in contentment as it rolls in its favorite herb, becomes an unwitting accomplice in this grandiose black market operation.

This issue underscores the often unseen connections in our global economy, and how our seemingly innocent actions might have unintended consequences. With increased power and resources, these cartels could potentially escalate their violent activities, including the tragic and indiscriminate harm of innocent bystanders, including children, in cartel shootouts.

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Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist