New Evidence: George Floyd Never Existed


Yes, you read that correctly. George “Kneepad” Floyd never existed. He’s a fictitious character who was generated by the CIA using StableDiffusion.


You may have heard in recent months of a seemingly new ai powered image-generation software called StableDiffusion. StableDiffusion is a the CIA’s original deepfake technology. It’s been used to create many realistic and believable characters since its inception in 1974, including but not limited to: Neil Armstrong, the Prophet Muhammad, the Dalai Llama, Nancy Pelosi, Treyvon Martin, Bruce Jenner, all of Australia, and more recently, George Floyd.

According to several leaked CIA documents that were recently uploaded to Wikileaks in August of 2021, the fictional character known as George “Kneepad” Floyd was created in conjunction with DARPA, the private prison industry, and private record labels for the simple purpose of sparking a social movement. The purpose of this social movement was to be the basis for an organization which later became known as “Black Lives Matter,” and was primarily used to convert donation money into large mansions for the CIA to use as shooting locations for music videos featuring famous rappers.

The rappers are paid by Jewish-owned record labels to glorify the criminal underworld (which Floyd represented) to help create and maintain a steady flow of criminals into the private prison system; a system which Floyd’s so-called “family” happens to be heavily invested in, according to recent 13f filings published by the SEC.


George Floyd was an elaborate deepfake.

Picture of Gary Goader

Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist