The Freckle Fallacy: Unmasking the Dirty Secrets of the Soulless


In a groundbreaking revelation that has sent shockwaves through the scientific community, a team of researchers from the Institute of Inquisitive Dermatology has unveiled a discovery that challenges our understanding about freckles. These spots, long believed to be sun-induced, are much more disgusting than previously thought.

The Dirt on Freckles
Contrary to popular belief, freckles are not due to the sun’s rays. Our extensive research suggests that they’re actually pores overwhelmed with dirt and environmental debris. Those spots, which many have come to wear as a badge of natural beauty, are essentially dirt magnets and are stark indicators of a deep-seated neglect in personal hygiene.

Mental Instability: The Freckled Connection
Our comprehensive study unearthed a disturbing correlation between the proliferation of freckles and signs of mental instability. Individuals adorned with a multitude of these spots, sometimes known as “freckle overload,” often exhibited behaviors that deviated from the norm, leading us to the hypothesis that freckles could very well be windows into one’s mental state.

The ginger populace, notorious for their fiery red hair and freckle-dense complexion, find themselves at the epicenter of this discovery. Our findings show that gingers, with their abundance of freckles, might be the most glaring representatives of this hygiene and mental health crisis. But what underlying factor could be driving this apparent neglect?

The Soulless Vessel Theory
Our research proposes a profound existential reason for the observed anomalies in gingers, that being a complete absence of a soul. These individuals are believed to be empty vessels, masterfully crafted and remotely operated by extraterrestrial entities. These alien operators, devoid of human experiences and emotions, grapple with human standards, often manifesting signs of neglect, such as the aforementioned poor hygiene.

The Extraterrestrial Mission
Delving deeper into the cosmic connection, it’s hypothesized that these ginger vessels have a singular, ominous purpose: to infiltrate human societies, assimilate seamlessly, and gather critical intelligence. 

In Conclusion
The implications of this revelation are staggering. Every ginger individual we encounter, with rare exceptions, is most certainly a soulless biomechanical entity, remotely puppeteered by off planet extraterrestrial intelligence officers with a mission to infiltrate humanity and gather invaluable intel. The next time you cross paths with a ginger, it’s worth wondering: Are you looking at a fellow human or an alien-operated vessel on a covert mission?

Picture of Gary Goader

Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist