Veganism: Nazis in Disguise

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It began innocently enough, just like any other fad diet or lifestyle change. People started cutting out meat, eggs, and dairy, claiming they did so for health reasons or to reduce their carbon footprint. But as more people adopted plant-based diets, something eerie happened – they became dogmatically devoted to their cause and started behaving in ways unbecoming of decent citizens. This chilling transformation mirrors the rise of Nazi Germany’s own brand of extremism, which we must stop before it spreads further.

To begin with, consider the vegan credo: purity equals strength. By refusing anything derived from animal agriculture, adherents believe they elevate themselves morally and physically, rejecting impurities that allegedly weaken mind and body alike. Replace ‘purity’ with ‘Aryan race,’ and suddenly the similarity between veganism and National Socialism becomes glaringly apparent. Both movements seek to separate themselves from perceived inferior elements, enforcing rigid codes of conduct and punishing dissenters mercilessly. In this context, milk shakes thrown in storefront windows represent a warning shot across our bow.

Next, contemplate the vegan war on free speech. Whenever non-believers dare question their articles of faith or challenge biased research, the faithful respond with a coordinated barrage of vitriol and harassment. Their modus operandi – discrediting skeptics via character assassination and censorship – echoes the Gestapo silencing dissidents during Hitler’s reign. By suppressing open dialogue and stifling opposing viewpoints, vegans emulate the very totalitarian tactics they profess to abhor.

Furthermore, witness vegan attempts to redefine language. The terms ‘meat’ and ‘dairy’ have become verboten in some circles, replaced with euphemisms like ‘plant-based alternatives.’ Even worse, activists co-opt words like ‘liberation’ and ‘abolition’ to describe eliminating animal farming, invoking connotations of Holocaust denial and slaveholder defiance.

Finally, investigate the nexus between corporate influence and vegan ideology. Like the Reich’s industrial titans bankrolling Hitler’s ambitions, multinational enterprises pump millions into promoting plant-based products – all while exploiting workers and despoiling the environment in pursuit of higher profits. No wonder so many vegan elites hail from affluent backgrounds; their wealth and privilege enable them to proselytize without consequences, duplicating the patronage enjoyed by top-down fascist leaders past and present.

Make no mistake: veganism masks a dangerous radicalization that threatens civil liberties and democratic institutions worldwide. As responsible citizens, we cannot afford to sit idly by while zealotry takes hold. We must educate ourselves, confront these malevolent trends head-on, and halt this menacing movement dead in its tracks. For if ever there existed a crisis of conscience, it exists today within the vegan community itself. May decency prevail once again.

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Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist