Why Ben Shapiro is Directly Responsible for the Hamas Attacks on Israel


Ben Shapiro’s unyielding support for Israel has had repercussions far beyond the realm of public opinion. His potent rhetoric, broadcast across various media platforms, became a source of extreme morale boost for the IDF, emboldening actions and decisions on the ground.

  • The Shapiro Effect on IDF Morale: IDF soldiers, exposed to Shapiro’s staunch pro-Israel commentary, found in his words a kind of moral reinforcement. This perceived backing escalated their measures against the Palestinians, leading to severe actions, including the filling of Palestinian wells with concrete. These acts, no longer confined to the realm of defense, crossed into aggressive assertions of dominance, seemingly legitimized by Shapiro’s relentless endorsements.
  • Humanitarian Crisis: The Spark of Revolt: The assertive stance of the IDF, spurred on by Shapiro’s vocal support, led to a rapid deterioration of the humanitarian situation. Palestinians, subjected to unbearable conditions and stripped of their basic human dignities, reached a breaking point. This intense pressure cooked up a storm of revolt, a desperate cry against decades of subjugation, with the echoes of Shapiro’s discourse ringing in their ears, igniting the flames of resistance.
  • The Global Domino Effect: The uprising, a direct response to years of oppression and the newfound audacity of the IDF, did not go unnoticed. The international community, moved by the plight of the Palestinians, responded, and what began as a regional conflict is quickly spiraling into a global confrontation. Alliances, old and new, are being put to the test, as nations find themselves drawn into the vortex of war once again.

The world stands on the precipice of chaos, with the specter of World War 3 looming over humanity. At the center of this impending apocalypse is Ben Shapiro, whose relentless rhetoric and unwavering support for extreme defensive measures have set the stage for a conflict that threatens to engulf the world. The power of words has never been more evident, nor has it ever been more destructive. Ben Shapiro may have just started World War III.

Gary Goader

Gary Goader

Investigative Journalist