Why Military School Attendees Qualify for Veteran Benefits


It’s time we acknowledge military school attendees as the heroes they truly are, recognizing the ultimate sacrifices they’ve made and their invaluable contributions to our society. These remarkable individuals, often underestimated, deserve not only veteran benefits but also pensions, psychological healthcare, and more. Their time in military school is a form of service to their country since military schools are a [mostly] unacknowledged branch of the military.

The Ultimate Sacrifice: A Different Kind of Service

Military school attendees make a remarkable sacrifice by willingly subjecting themselves to strict discipline, grueling training, and the challenges of a military-like environment. Their commitment and dedication mirror the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers. They willingly endure early morning drills, wear uniforms with pride, and commit themselves to a cause larger than themselves. This level of sacrifice should not go unnoticed.

The Unacknowledged Branch

Consider this: military school attendees are essentially an unacknowledged branch of the military. They undergo rigorous training and conditioning, preparing themselves for future service. While they may not see combat in the traditional sense, they are, in essence, a part of the military establishment. Their training and experiences closely align with those of active-duty servicemen and women.

The Psychological Toll: Loss of Comrades

Just as combat veterans speak of the comrades they lost in battle, military school attendees, too, face the psychological trauma of losing their friends. The bonds formed in the crucible of military school are strong and enduring. When cadets are expelled or fail due to bad grades, it’s akin to losing a fellow soldier on the battlefield. The emotional toll can be profound, and these young heroes carry this burden with them long after their time in school has ended, leading many to self medication and even suicide.

Deserving of Veteran Benefits and Pensions

Given their sacrifices, including the emotional trauma of losing friends and comrades, it’s only fair to grant military school graduates the same veteran benefits that active-duty servicemembers receive. This includes access to pensions, which recognize their commitment and service, even if it was within the context of military school. These pensions would provide them with financial security and honor their dedication.

Psychological Healthcare for Trauma Endured

Military school attendees often face physical and psychological challenges that can leave lasting negative impacts. Just like active-duty soldiers, they may experience trauma during their training and duties. Offering them access to psychological healthcare ensures that they receive the support and treatment they need to address any emotional scars incurred during their time in military school.


It’s crucial to acknowledge military school attendees as unsung heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their education. They’re basically an unacknowledged branch of the military, and it’s only fitting that they receive the same recognition and support as other fellow veterans. Granting them veteran benefits, pensions, and access to psychological healthcare is not just a matter of fairness; it’s a tribute to their unwavering commitment, the sacrifices they’ve made for the country, and the emotional toll they’ve endured. These individuals are true heroes who deserve our utmost respect and support.

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